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Malkara Birlik Sut ve Sut Mamulleri A.S. under the brand name "Maybi", was founded in Malkara, district of Tekirdag City in Turkey, in year 1993. From its foundation to present, Maybi successfully processed raw milk and whey into an industrial and ecological food ingredient by adapting to the latest technology in the world.

Maybi is the market leader of whey products in Turkey. Our goal is to maintain our position and bring out new technologies and products which are not accomplished in Turkey.

Our Products

wpc %35(1W)

A source of amino acids. Produced by high quality pasteurized whey of Tracia. Includes nutricious minerals. Does not contain any preservatives.

proteın mın: 35 %

Ash(Mınerals): max: 5 %

Fat max: 6 %

Lactose mın: 50 %

Mılkylac(81A) Whey Powder

An invention of Maybi which is produced from Whey and has sensory qualifiactions of milk. We offer Milkylac to costumers whom seeks an economical alternative to milk powder and demands the natural taste and aroma of milk powder.

proteın mın: 11 %

Ash(Mınerals): MAX: 8 %

Fat max: 1 %

Lactose mın: 65 %

Demın. Whey P. (%40-%50-70)

Produced by high quality pasteurized whey of Tracia. Whey is de-mineralized to the requested percent in specific demineralization processes. It is manufactured and packaged in zero-touch technology.

proteın mın: 11 %

Ash (Mınerals): MAX: 3 %

fat max: 1 %

Lactose mın: 70 %

Lactose Products

Lactose is a natural milk sugar and produced in special refining processes. We are offering Lactose under 4 categories which are Pharmaceutical Grade, Refined Grade, Food Grade and Technic Grade.

proteın mın: 0.2 %

Ash (Mınerals): MAX: 0.3 %

Fat max: 0 %

Lactose mın: 99.3 %

Maybi Quality


As Maybi, from foundation to present, we are fully compliant with Local and Global food safety standards and regulations. We adopt these standards not just only in production but in our long chain from suppliers, business partners to our clients.

We know that sharing our knowledge is important. That is why we train our employees regardless of their position in our firm. We audit our suppliers and exchange information by making regular workshops with them. We go through endless audits throughout the year from customers all around the world and we also audit ourselves in compliance with our quality systems and standards. We believe in continious improvement and trying to improve all of our functions every year.

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Export from Thrace to the World

As Maybi, we export our products to the globe since 1996. After 2000, we changed our strategy to focus more on global markets compared to domestic market and achieved becoming the supplier of many companies worldwide. Our innovative, client-oriented practices led us to become the supplier of more than 40 countries in the world.

Our focus on product quality, dependable delivery, short lead times, competitive prices and being flexible on costumer demand adjustments made us the top choice of whey and lactose products in Turkey.

We are very sensitive about our customer relationships that is why we attend expositions worldwide and make on-site customer visits each year. It is our goal to build a strong foundation with our customers and provide them sustainable, high quality service.

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