Human Resources

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Vision

Our company has proven to be successful in dairy industry on an international scale however, we know that our success story is driven by our employees thus making human resources one of the key entities in our company. Our goal is to establish sustainable business relationships with individuals who will adopt our corporate culture and are dynamic, open minded, innovative and value-creating. With these values, we would like to be the top preferred company of the region by creating happy individuals and teams that will achieve the goals in line with the company's targets.

Our Human Resources Policy

Our human resources department is strategically aligned with our company’s goals and objectives. It helps achieving our corporate goals by providing continues motivation to our employees and creating healthy work environments and maintaining their social well-beings.

Our Human Resources Strategy

One of the many important roles of Human Resources is to bring dynamic, open-minded, innovative, value-creating and high potential individuals to increase the efficiency of departments in our organization. Our strategy is to decrease our employee’s adaptation times with well-organized orientation schedules, to increase their motivation for company loyalty and to organize continues trainings for career growth. We continuously monitor our employee’s performances so that we can ensure our business is sustainable and achieving the targeted goals.

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