About Us

About Us

Malkara Birlik Sut ve Sut Mamulleri A.S. under the brand name "Maybi", was founded in Malkara, district of Tekirdag City in Turkey, in year 1993. From its foundation to present, Maybi successfully processed raw milk and whey into an industrial and ecological food ingredient by adapting to the latest technology in the world.

Malkara Birlik Sut is a family company and is founded by Vural Yazgan whom completed his study as a mechanical engineer in Germany. The foundation of Malkara Birlik Sut is driven by "Yazgan Makine" company. Since 1983 the company successfully offered engineering solutions in milk and fruit juices and introduced many new technologies such as first pasteurization unit and first seperator unit in Turkey. The company is still active today and is offering engineering solutions to companies in milk and fruit juice sector.

Over 25 years of experience, Maybi successfully become the supplier of many companies around the world with its experienced staff, high quality raw material and latest technology equipments. Our innovative, client-oriented practices led us to become the supplier of more than 40 countries in the world and we are still working hard to improve ourselves and achieve many great things in the future.


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