What is Lactose? What are the Benefits of Lactose?

Lactose is only found in milk and is referred to as milk sugar and gives milk a sweeter flavor. Lactose is the main carbohydrate source in milk and is a natural sugar produced in mammary tissue. Total dry matter of full-fat cow's milk is 12% and 4,7% of total dry matter is lactose.

1ST Class Lactose Production Of Maybi:

Maybi, first and only manufacturer of Lactose in Turkey, produces Lactose based on particle size and area of use with options 100 mesh and 200 meshes. Maybi reaching the quality of Europe and United States by means of the investments made in 2012 continues to serve for many international markets. Maybi, meeting the need of almost whole Lactose need in Turkey, especially in the food sector, is proud of raising the Lactose quality to World standards.  

Benefits Of Lactose:

Lactose represents a source of energy. It is important for infant nutrition, especially for the formation and development of infant brain and nerve tissues. Lactose plays an important role in bone and tooth development. Also it has preventive effects for the accumulation of fat in the liver. Besides Lactose prevents arteriosclerosis. It also helps synthesis of B vitamins and strengthens the digestive system.

Areas Of Usage For Lactose:

Lactose is used in the bakery sector to provide durability because it is easily fermented with yeasts. Since Lactose is milk sugar (natural sugar), it is a frequently used product in the sectors of pastry, confectionery, biscuit, chocolate, syrup and flavored drinks. Besides since lactose has an important role for infant nutrition, it is also used in infant formula. It is preferred as a sweetener for diabetic products.


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