Why Maybi Products?

We, as Maybi collect the whey formed during the production of natural cheeses of Thrace and bring it to our facility. We perform tests (that we specify) of all the raw materials that we collect through sampling method and accept them to our business firm. If the raw material is inconvenient based on tests performed, we send it to our treatment with 5000 tones capacity in our premises. The Thrace Region is free from animal diseases and is kept under control by the Ministry of Agriculture. This region is the most similar to Europe in terms of milk quality in our country. For this reason, we as Maybi process top-quality milk and whey in Turkey.

Whey contains whey proteins, minerals and Lactose (milk sugar). Since it has a rich content as an organic substance, whey powder pollutes the environment if it is left around without processing. We as Maybi, process average 1200 tons of whey per day and prevent them to be thrown away. We have both biologic and chemical treatments within our facility. We help prevent environmental pollution by treating our waste waters through various processes daily. We treat average 4.000 tons of waste water per day.

We enter whey through special processes and convert the dry matter in its ingredient into powder. We pack our finished products untouched by human hands through our fully-closed system production process. We perform analysis of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in the laboratories within the structure of our company. It lasts approximately 5 days to complete all physical, chemical and microbiological analysis. We apply BRC Global and ISO quality systems in our firm and we do researches in this field every year to improve ourselves. ;

The importance of whey and whey products increases every passing year based on the studies made. We are the supplier of the firms producing in many fields from food sector to health sector. We work continuously to benefit from whey better. We develop projects with specialist consultants. We work through research and development studies with our customers apart from our own studies. Our aim is to create added value for this miraculous raw material described as waste for years. For this reason we manufacture special products oriented to the needs of our customers, along with our standard products.


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