What are Whey Proteins?

Cheese process is formed by heating natural milk to a specific temperature, cooling and fermentation using yeast. Different types of cheeses are produced in our country. 

After adding the yeast, it makes milk protein (casein) coagulate and sink to the bottom. In this way, cheese is formed. Whey is the liquid rising to the surface during this process. 

Whey proteins are composed of Minerals (milk minerals) and Lactose (Natural milk sugar) since whey proteins are separated proteins, the human body can digest it easily.  

Whey protein contains Alpha lactalbumin; Beta lactoglobulin, Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulin. As a result of researches made, it has been observed that these substances strengthens your immune system and enters protein structure named antibody protecting our body against microbes.  

Based on various researches made, it was found that whey proteins have many health benefits. Main headings are mentioned below:  

Whey proteins help strengthen immune system

It helps balance blood sugar level and prevents sudden rises.  

Whey proteins increases glycogen levels and glycogen is used as an energy source by our body during heavy physical activities. Since these powders are easily digested, they are also converted into energy quite easily.

It makes cancer treatments more effective by decreasing the strength of cancerous cells and increasing the durability of healthy cells.

Whey products help you lose weight. By means of the quality proteins that they contain, prevent muscle loss and decrease feel of hunger.

It helps prevent inflammation by fighting against saturated fat.  


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