About Us

Malkara Birlik Süt ve Süt Mamulleri A.Ş.(Malkara Alliance Milk and Milk Products Inc.) was founded in Malkara district of Tekirdağ region in year 1993 to be the supplier to many food manufacturers by making milk and whey into an industrial and ecological additive.

The production capacity of 80-100 tons per month in the earlier times have reached 1000 tons today. Our company, with the largest facility in the Balkans, is in service on open area of ​​57.250 m2 and 27.000m2-closed area. Our company that pulverizes first-class raw cow's milk collected from The Thrace region also provides whey from nearby dairies to contribute to the environment and the Turkish economy by processing these raw materials accepted as environmental waste with the latest technology.

Maybi established with the infrastructure of Yazgan Machinery, Turkey's well-known brand of milk processing machine, offers its customers the highest quality end product and the product after-service through experienced staff. Our company adopting the principle of manufacturing according to customer requirements, rather than standard production concept has a policy of production in accordance with HACCP criteria.